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Symposium Keynote Speakers - Summary of presentations

Our thanks to all the keynote presenters who contributed to this year's symposium.  A summary of some of the keypoints made is below with a link to the presentation, where we are able to make it available. 

Day 1 - Thursday 26 September

CATERPILLAR – Haydn Powell - Presentation

  • Safety first, quality always, values every day
  • Services, operational excellence, expanded offerings
  • 10 digital supply chain scenarios
  • VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous
  • Data – connectivity – analytics – automation – prediction
  • Evaluate – go see – prioritise – proof of concept – scale
  • RPA, dashboards, tracking, sensors, ML cameras, robots
  • The future of digital is analogue! People, skills, attitudes

IKEA – Per Berggren - Presentation

  • Plant roles and network design philosophy
  • The rise of the ecosystems
  • Consumer electronics in the factory, connected
  • Consumer-data led, integrated back to the forest
  • Robots now 50% previous cost!
  • Rats in the hardware and wiring!!
  • OT – operations technology: IT for the shop floor
  • Resistors are middle managers

WEHKAMP – Maarten Tibosch - Presentation

  • From catalogue to leading e-tailer
  • Specific segment – dept store for families in Netherlands
  • Emerging families, families, empty nesters
  • 500,000 visitors per day (17m population!)
  • Offering: payment, delivery, availability, carefree returns
  • 24 operators, 300,000 orders in 6 hours!
  • What’s next urban logistics, last mile
  • Expanding assortment via partners

MICROSOFT – Sophia Velastegui (no presentation available currently)

  • 60% current automation is AI
  • Predictive analytics is #1 AI use case
  • 75m jobs displaced by AI, 133m new jobs created
  • 60% production tasks can be automated
  • Connected field service, factory/supply chain of the future
  • 5 deg warmer or colder, 15% productivity hit
  • Intelligent supply chain: track-and-trace, smart logistics
  • Reinvent processes, transform business models

ELECTROLUX – Frank Wagner - Presentation

  • Safer than du Pont!
  • 17 global levers for driving synergy
  • Core vs. non core processes
  • Hard to succeed on strategic alliances
  • New market entry investment guidelines
  • Ideal plant size – min and max size
  • Market-to-factory-floor manufacturing strategy
  • Linking standard processes, modularisation & automation

UNILEVER – Biswaranjan Sen (no presentation available)

  • Are we running the right race?
  • Founded on mass production, distribution, communication
  • Disruption on all three – competitive advantages disappear
  • Hyper-fragmentation – customisation – always on demand
  • How to scale up successful pilots vs. ‘pilot purgatory’
  • More meaningful work, enhancing the power of being human
  • Decoupling physical and intelligent assets
  • Key: how well we manage the people role/skills transition

HOT TOPICS FROM WRAP UP DISCUSSION  - thanks to all our participants for their contribution.

  1. Climate change – disruption
  2. Compensating for political instability
  3. Agile reconfiguration of assets
  4. Digital transformation – people are the key
  5. Double standard: AI vs. statistics
  6. New jobs – who will teach them?
  7. Dominance of MNCs – what happens to SMEs?
  8. OR Erosion of MNCs scale barriers to entry?
  9. What does the world look like after digitalisation?
  10. Tipping point – digitalisation will happen quicker than we think
  11. AI and authentication / counterfeit products
  12. Talent being sucked up by providers
  13. Middle management as change resistors
  14. OR Biggest challenge is senior management?
  15. Building the next generation talent – where are they coming from?
  16. MNCs developing internal talent (1000 data scientists in 6 months)
  17. Training within – 1 month data scientist boot camp
  18. Fragmentation of distribution / distributed manufacturing
  19. How does this change life for the consumer?
  20. Additive manufacturing and new materials
  21. Cybersecurity – more connectivity, higher risk
  22. Reconfiguration of trade rules – tariffs, Brexit etc
  23. Fastest digital adoption is in China
  24. Competition based on ecosystems
  25. Integrating circular economy with digitalisation – social impact

Day 2 - Friday 27 September

Reshaping the supply chain through digital platforms – implications for firms, consumers and society - 

Geoffrey Parker - Presentation


Designing and manufacturing for sustainability: SCEnAT Life Cycle Platform - 

Professor Lenny Koh - Presentation

The 24th Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium


Many of us are facing disruptions resulting from COVID-19 and we wish you and your families good health in these uncertain times. Regarding our annual Symposium, at this stage, we are continuing our preparations with a view to confirming arrangements at the end of June. Please register your interest below to be kept up to date on the event and booking announcements.

Jagjit Singh Srai
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