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Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium

Møller Centre, Cambridge: 27 and 28 September 2018

Studying at Cambridge


Trend Scenario Workshop - Friday 28 September


Digital Transformation and Re-Imagining

the Future of the Automotive Supply Chain


This year at the 22nd Cambridge International Manufacturing Symposium we are pleased to announce a unique workshop on the future of the automotive industry. This will bring academics and industry together in collaboration to clarify key questions about how the automotive industry and associated supply chains will transform in the future and which trends are influencing this development. Together we will explore a series of exemplary projects on firms who are successfully seizing on technology trends and transforming their business models.

Attending this workshop will enable you to interact and participate in leading thinking and applied practice of how organisations are addressing key challenges and opportunities in the automotive industry in terms of digital and advanced technology implementation.

For industry executives, this workshop aims to explore the following questions: 

  • How does your customer base and their requirements change in the future?
  • How will technologies evolve and what know-how is required?
  • How does your value chain and competition change?
  • How will your products and services change?
  • How can your company take advantage of these developments? 


Arthur Meadows

Arthur Meadows - Director of Commercialisation, Fetch.Ai

David Wong

David Wong – Senior Technology and Innovation Manager, Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders

David Fitzsimons

David Fitzsimons – Director, European Council for Remanufacturing

Louise Gouldstone

Louise Gouldstone – Purchase Manager, Powertrain, Electrical, Core Control and Remanufacturing, Ford

George Filip




George Filip – Manager for Connected and Automated Vehicles, InnovateUK Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Workshop organisers:

Jag SraiJag Srai – Head of Centre for International Manufacturing, University of Cambridge



Patrick HennellyPatrick Hennelly – Research Assistant, Centre for International Manufacturing, University of Cambridge



Gary GrahamGary Graham - Associate Professor, Leeds University Business School



Anthony BrownAnthony Brown – Research Postgraduate, Leeds University Business School



Laird BurnsLaird Burns - Associate Professor, The University of Alabama in Huntsville




Roy Meriton - Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Loughborough University London


Time frame: Half-day day workshop (11.30-15.30)

Findings from the workshop will be disseminated as a report to all participants.

If you are interested in taking part in this workshop as part of your Symposium registration, please let us know -

Supply chain transformation enabled by advanced technologies: implications for producers, consumers and society.

How are advanced technologies transforming supply chains? Interactions between producers, consumers and society are rapidly changing, shaken up by a plethora of emerging technologies. For example, we have seen the use of smartphones driving a new e-commerce model; or within manufacturing we have seen how the Internet of Things can support intelligent automation. Beyond the initial hype around 3D printing we are now witnessing real world applications, from large but lightweight structures in aerospace, to small, complex medical devices and instruments. 

What are the implications for supply chains, and how do companies need to adapt and develop their capabilities? And what are the considerations for consumers and wider society?

The Symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss and explore these issues. It is a unique event that brings together senior industrialists and leading academics to share their approaches and experiences.